Company Registration

If you’ve already registered a Business Internet Name, you can now register a company and sell your product and/or services worldwide using a commercial name, with full privacy.

Regardless of their location or citizenship, individuals, busineses or other organisations can sell to American, as well as worldwide markets, according to the specific business needs, product category & marketing strategy.

The company you register can sell any products or services, with focus on the American, Swiss, European and Asian markets or simply worldwide, as you see fit.

Send an e-mail to mentioning your registered Business Internet Name, along with at least five suitable company names in an order of your preference – that way, you’ll have a higher chance to find an available name. We’ll reply to your e-mail with the specific payment details, all while maintaining complete privacy – No documents required or KYC procedures: your data remains fully confidential.

Company registration costs start from the Bitcoin equivalent of $299 USD.

After the payment goes through, you’ll receive the confirmation of the registered company name and number.

Company Information

If you wish to register information related to a certain company, such as a recommendation, review or issue you’ve had for others to know, make sure to e-mail us at You will receive a reply with the specific payment details.

Company information registration costs start from the Bitcoin equivalent of $199 USD.

It may be a good idea to check the available information related to a company you’re dealing with before entering in high value transactions.

If you want to check if a certain company is registered and/or other information related to it (its reviews, significant history events, current status, as well as changes or other issues), contact us via e-mail at – We’ll reply and send you the payment details as soon as possible.

Company check costs start from the Bitcoin equivalent of $199 USD.