Your Internet Name is linked to the e-mail address you used to register it.

If you need a confirmation for any third party, that proves the Internet Name you have provided to them is yours, just send us a message at from the e-mail address used for your Internet Name Registration, and make sure you provide the third party’s e-mail address (online bank, financial institution, payment providers or any other business opening and operating online accounts, credit/debit cards, payment services, social accounts and other internet services).

If you’ve used the e-mail address you provided for a previous Internet Name Registration, a system confirmation will be sent to the third party, granting you access to their services.

This recovery process will only be successful if you still have access to the e-mail address you provided when you first went through the Internet Name Registration. If you don’t have access to your original e-mail address, the only valid Internet Name Registration recovery method is by using INRecovery.