Register Your Internet Name

Register your Internet Name without providing ID, personal details or bank information.

We can’t disclose your personal information since we don’t know it – We don’t need to know anything about you.

A unique, secure and anonymous Internet Name Registration consists of 2 things – an Internet Name and Internet Number.

There Are Two Types of an Internet Name from Which You Can Choose:

Personal Internet Name

Business Internet Name

Open accounts on all kinds of platformsOpen accounts on all kinds of platforms
Use online banks anonymouslyUse online banks anonymously
Save money everywhere you goSave money everywhere you go
Pay for anything & send moneyPay for anything & send money
Get paid & receive moneyGet paid & receive money
Earn permanent incomeEarn permanent income
Complete confidentialityComplete confidentiality
Anonymous online identityAnonymous online identity
Do business online
Sell any products
Sell any services
Manage an online store
Develop your business
Protect your brand
Internet Name brand recognition



1. Both types of the Internet Name above are purchasable through Bitcoin, with full confidentiality.

2. If you do not already have Bitcoin in your Bitcoin Wallet, the best way to purchase Bitcoin using any card is on

3. Simply select the “Bitcoin Core” tab on, and choose either $24.99 or $249.99, and click “Buy Bitcoin“.

4. Inside the field named “Wallet address”, introduce the unique generated Bitcoin address sent by e-mail, and click “Continue”.

5. After you’ve completed the payment, reply to our e-mail response.

6. After we’ve received your payment, we will notify you if your Internet Name request was approved.

Internet Name Registration Request Form

1. Fill in the form below, and click “Register”.

2. Check your e-mail for your unique generated Bitcoin address.

3. If you do not already have Bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet, just go on, fill in the $24.99 or $249.99 amount, click “Buy Bitcoin” and fill in the Bitcoin address Internet Name Registration sent you.

4. Respond to the e-mail confirming what amount you have paid. (Example: I’ve paid $24.99 / $249.99)

5. Shortly, you will be notified if your Internet Name Registration and your Number have been confirmed.