If you plan to keep important assets under the form of real or digital currency (USD/GBP/EUR/CHF, e-money, Bitcoin), or high value physical assets, such as gold, bearer shares, certificates of deposit, government bonds, precious stones, art (expensive paintings), jewelry in safety deposit boxes, INRecovery is the safest way of keeping them safe, along with your Internet Name Registration (Internet Name & Internet Number).

The INRecovery service is designed to offer military-grade security and immediate Internet Name Registration restoration and access, even if you don’t have access to your original e-mail address, Internet Name or Internet Number.

INRecovery is the safest method of taking care of the assets and values you’ve deposited in online banks, financial institutions, payment providers or any other business opening and operating online accounts, credit/debit cards, payment services, social accounts and other internet services.

All you need to get started with INRecovery is:

  • A photo of your face for the INRecovery Facial Recognition System;
  • A photo of one/both of your eyes for the INRecovery Iris Scan Access;
  • A digital copy of your DNA analysis and code for the INRecovery SecureDNA One-Time Setup;

You can use either INRecovery method 1, 2 or 3 to secure your data, or two/all three together.

*We recommend setting up all three security methods for the fastest and most secure way to store and protect your data.

To submit the information, contact INRecovery@InternetNameRegistration.com and attach:

Your E-mail Address*

Your Internet Name*

Your Internet Number*

A Photo of Your Face

A Photo of One or Both of Your Eyes

Digital DNA analysis + code

You can use one, two or three of the options below the *required details to make your INRecovery process faster and more secure.

$2499 INRecovery

As a response to the INRecovery request, you will receive a unique payment Bitcoin address for the value $2499.

After the payment is confirmed, your data will be securely deposited in our system (one, two or three of the options – facial recognition data/iris scan/DNA scan).

When you’ll need to recover your assets and valuables, wherever they are deposited, you’ll be able to gain access based on the data initially submitted to us.

Our system will verify if there is an existing Internet Name Registration for the Internet Name, Internet Number or e-mail address you supplied.

After we’ve found it, we will integrate the facial/iris/DNA data into our system and you will benefit of the advanced INRecovery security and data protection.

*If there is an existing pending verification of your Internet Name Registration for a third-party (online bank, payment provider, financial institution, etc.), and you cannot access your valuables, you must mention it in the e-mail along with your INRecovery data, so we can get in touch with the holder, in order for you to get access to the money and assets in the specific Internet Name Registration based account.